Bring the Thunder, Bring the Heat (YWG)

I owe you an apology, Winnipeg.  Last night when I checked the forecast, and this morning again when I rolled out of bed and saw the epic amount of rain that was coming down, I doubted you. I had no idea how many people would #justshowup this morning, because it has been several (ok maybe like 2) months since we have had to prove we are #weatherproof, and definitely not since our numbers exploded and the tribe has grown exponentially in the last month or so. Were our new tribe members up to the task?  Do they even know what weatherproof means? I wasn’t sure, and for that, I owe the deepest of apologies…

Once again, I had to fight back a tear in me eye when you all gathered around for our bounce and suddenly it felt like the entire city was with us; we easily cleared 80 people this morning, and since it was a torrential down pour / epic thunder / crazy spork lightening (much more deadly than fork lightening) at 6:00 am, that is a truly amazing feat.  Your enthusiasm, your energy, and your dedication for this tribe and this community is incredible beyond words and for that we thank you.  I won’t underestimate you again.


PR today was a mental challenge.  The weather cleared for us, but many of you were recovering from Sundays Marathon (crushed it by the way, well done!), running through puddles (ok that part was sweet), and a slightly longer than expected 2km route (ok so today it was ACTUALLY 2km) made the route tough, but you persevered and came through unscathed and triumphant.


Bruce Banner. Bruce the Beautiful Burpee Beast. Bruce Wayne. Batman (don’t tell anyone).  One of the most deserving tribe members took home the positivity award today and we are so grateful for Bruce’s (and the whole Kucey family) dedication to the tribe. All three of you make it out every week, encourage the newcomers from both the front and the back of the tribe and truly represent what November Project is all about; community, positivity, and general awesomeness.  Not to mention, i’m pretty sure Bruce has been to more Wednesday mornings than I have – and I have to be there, so thats saying something.  Your 12 km run to the workout every morning deserves its own round of applause.  Continue to inspire and bring it every week – thank you Bruce!

Canada day next Wednesday.  Lets show the NP world what Canadian pride is all about.

The fuckest of ya’s,

Rick and Katie (P.S. group vote we decided to replace Tom permanently. K sweet byyyyyyyye!)



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