Good morning!  Buenos dias!  早安!  Guten morgen!  Bonjour!  доброе утро!  おはよう!  Goedemorgan!  Bom dia!  hyvää huomenta!


At November Project we pride ourselves on being worldly, culturally diverse, well traveled.  Borders separate our tribes, cities, states, and countries, but NP has no boundaries, and our language is universal.  A hug in China is just as sweaty as a hug in France, is just as powerful as a hug in Canada, is just as meaningful as a hug in Germany.  We’re all human beings, and we all show up for the same reasons.  To put in hard work, get fit, smile, laugh, and build community.  Our practices and traditions are not restricted to just one area, but open for the entire world to mimic and expand upon.














This morning, you raced, not necessarily for you country, but for yourselves, for your neighbor, for your fellow human being, for the ideals that November Project represents.  We’ll be here every week, rain or shine, for anyone and everyone willing to join us in 19 cities across North America and growing.  #worldtakeover is REAL!














So what’s your role?  Simple, #justshowup.  Come to the workouts, project that positivity, and push those around you to excel.  A burpee is the same no matter where you travel, and regardless of nationality, anyone can learn to hoistee.  Spread the movement, spread the love, and get fired up because you’re all doing something special here.  BE HAPPY.  BE STRONG.  BE BRIGHT!


Super important, yawn-worthy stuff:

Monday:  We meet at the Model Yacht Pond on Vacation Island, 6:29AM.  One way or another, motorboats WILL be involved.

Brainstorm:  If you had the opportunity, which superhero would you choose to be?  What power would you posses?



(And let’s be honest.  Ashleigh’s faces are equally strange at all corners of the globe.)20150624_072329

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