Kicking Ass and Taking PR’s (LAX)


That’s right we all kicked ass today and took so many PR’s with us home. Every single one of you at 5:30 and 6:30 supremely killed it! In a response to your absolute fierceness here is a series of Haiku’s to congratulate you on your PR or for just getting up this morning!

Running is so fun,

We go up and down the stairs,

I like exercise.


Together we start

Running fast to beat our best

PR day for all.


Walk out the front door

Plant those feet on the bowl stairs

Crush that PR day


Bright faces helped me,

running at pace helped a lot,

I didn’t throw up


November Project,

I did not think I could win,

but we’re all winners.


Sunshining on us,

Community is all here

Sweaty hugs for all.


Early morning rise

Smiles on all our faces

New faces, New Friends.


Up the stairs we go,

To the rhythm of our feet

We welcome the sun.







DROP THOSE PR’s- Drop those PR’s here!

FRIDAY- GRIFFTH OBSERVATORY!!! Give yourself ample parking time and hiking time to get to the observatory. See you at 6:27am.

MONDAY- ABC POP UP WORKOUT. The location has been changed to BARNSDALL PARK!!! More cheers more, room for parking, more room for all you beautiful people!!! ARRIVE at 6AM!





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