Sunrise 6K!

The mile markers were accurate, but done in chalk. There was no bib pickup, BBQ, big inflatable start gate or band playing. Our trophy was a jello thing. There are some pretty great races out there, full of awesome shit that we didn’t have this morning. Somehow the magic dust that is November Project made up for all of it. Everyone went after it, from our first place finishers to the last one in, you all fucking charged it! A good race is full of good people, you can dress some half-assed effort up with bells and whistles but it won’t make you feel the way we did this morning. Congratulations to each and every one of you, extra back pat for any personal records out there. We love ya, thanks for getting your ass out of bed this morning and joining us!  See you all Friday at WALTERDALE HILL/KINSMEN, Nadim says, “WEAR BRIGHT SHIT and SHORT SHORTS!”.  Because we can.






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