The Sun did RISE in Boston 6k

Good morning.  GOOD MORNING! Are you good???

Newsflash…the sun came up this morning and we were running.  An excellent scenario for a #Sunrise6k.  An amazing crew showed up to bust out the first official #Sunrise6k race in Boston.  Every other November Project tribe has already or will be racing their own Sunrise6k, and we had an incredible morning of fierce racing.  By the end of February, we will know “mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fastest (at a 6k) of them all (16 NP Tribes)?”

An overview of the morning is this: It was really fucking cold.  (Surprise–we’re in the craziest winter Boston has seen!) A whole bunch of you showed up with your racing shoes and #RaceEverything pants on, and we bounced a little bit before running 5 laps around the Harvard Athletic Complex paths & parking lots.  We ran exactly 6k, which is 3.73miles, and we did it with incredible positive spirit and community. We crushed it.  We had fun.  Our group photos were carefully taken at the start so we didn’t lose anyone in the merriment after the races.  Fastest male and female racers of both 5:30 and 6:30 races were awarded Chevy Corvette Z06s as they crossed the finish line. High fashion headwear (think rainbow colored sombreros, gladiator helmets, and Viking hat styles) was awarded to the fastest 3 men and fastest 3 women overall.

Sunrise 6k womens winner

November Project is all about building a worldwide community by empowering people through free fitness like we had this morning.  All I need to say is we are changing the world, building community, empowering people and getting our free fitness on. One workout at a time. One 6k at a time.  One sunrise at a time.

Keep Changing the World!!!

530 group photo

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