Icy PR ish (BAL)

At this moment, I’m pretty sure Nick is sitting on a jury, just itching to raise his hand and say the pledge of allegiance, and Pat is still wearing his helmet. It is unclear about the former.

Today: PRs were made, no one fell on the icy patch of doom, and we embraced a meeting with Sally head on. I call that a successful, kick-ass #weatherproof morning.

This incredible fast guy we know as Jeremy L. won the positivity award this week. We are pretty sure he eats dinosaur fingers for breakfast, but we don’t spread rumors.
Here are some UBER important things to remember that have nothing to do with taxis:
Love you like grandma does,
P.S. THANK YOU to Ella and the incredible 4 others of Baltimore Waterfront Partnership/Harbor Crew that seemed to shovel Rash Field just for us. We dedicate this workout to you.
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  1. slight addendum: I may or may not have face planted into the snow on the back corner of rash field, but only Pat was witness to my graceful ice running skills… growing more #weatherproof with every day 🙂

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