King Hutch

This morning we had newbies on newbies on newbies on newbies. 10+ newbies from every walk of life. Actually, I have no idea what walk of life they’re from, where they walked from, or why they were walking in the first place. This is NP – time to run – and run they did! Naturally, today was PR day, which is a hell of a workout to drop into unknowingly. We’re proud of our newbies for crushing it regardless. A couple even dropped verbals for Friday!


2015 was dubbed NPSF’s return to bad-assery, so today we unveiled our newer, harder, burpee-filled PR course. 4 full laps of the park complete with a set of 10 burpees at the top of the stairs on each lap. THAT’S IT! Simple instructions, serious effort. You can look forward to this workout on the last Wednesday of every month. Track your progress here:


Congratulations are in order for ANDREW HUTCHINSON, who has battled back from injury to set the bar on our new PR day. 18:45 is now the mark to beat. Well done Hutch, well done.

FRIDAY HILLS are at Corona Heights Park. Make sure you dress up for our favorite 3 year old’s birthday Friday! Theme: Things that fly! Be there. Or rather, be here:,-122.438585,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x25fcb2334c926ac5?sa=X&ei=A_btVJvBKoPhoAT0o4HIBQ&ved=0CJsBEPwSMA8




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