Race Everything

Race Everything. It was in the air. It was on our socks. More importantly, yet equally as fashionable, it was in our hearts this morning. We called you out, then we made you call each other out. We didn’t give you that last lap when your final burpee landed on 30:02. Why? Because now you know that you can always push a little harder. Now you know you can be even more badass next time. Here at NPSD we hug excessively, we wear bright neon colors, we never deal with ice or snow, but don’t let that sway you into thinking we are soft. Here in SD, we don’t just race on PR day. We don’t just push when the camera is rolling. And the ferocity with which we attack every workout, does not waver when the workout is over. Here in SD, we race everything. And we’re damn good at it too.


Be Happy. Be Strong. Be BRIGHT SD!
 Happy 1-year Tom! And thanks for the protein packed snacks this morning!
Super important, but boring announcements:
1. Sign up and use the Tracker – or else you have to rely on US to validate your “14 laps” and well, we will just make you do it again.
2. Interested in guest paparazzi-ing? Contact Lauren and Myself for the deets.
3. Free NP YOGA to drop on EventBrite TOMORROW. Space is limited to 40 people. #grassrootsgear is MANDATORY. Spirit Yoga, Tuesday March 3, 2015 @6am… sign up fast! Link will be posted to NPSD Facebook.
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