The Summit Ave

We had a number of new faces show up for Wednesday’s “Stadium Tour” along with many repeat customers. There is no question that the energy is strong and our momentum is building. If you didn’t see yesterday’s post please check it out and post your time – we love tracking improvement. The folks that posted PR’s yesterday will get their “PR Pizza” trophy next Wednesday. Please plan to come next week with friends who may want to get some fitness injected into their life before the work day begins. We’ll be doing that workout every Wednesday with a  6AM start for those of you with early work commitments, while our main group will have a 6:30AM start. On the last Wednesday of the month we’ll do the full 37 sections and anyone who posts their fastest time (PR) will be awarded the “PR Pizza” the following week.

As for tomorrow: “Summit Ave Hill Sprints,” meeting at the bottom of Summit Ave & Beacon.

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Just like your first take at the “Stadium Tour,” Summit Ave is a beast and may take a few Friday’s to get your legs. The workout will be talked out at 6:45AM and will be 5 bottom to top sprints of the hill. Plan for roughly 25-40 mins with rests between.

Get some rest, hype our tribe (@Nov_Project), stretch, hydrate, and we’ll see you in the morning.

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