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Dear November Project folks, please accept our sincere apologies for not doing our weekly after-the-stadium-feature last Wednesday. Official November Project pet gold fish – Stairs – died and we had to attend the funeral. Everyone knows that cemeteries usually have weak WiFi connection so banging out the blog post wasn’t an option. Also doing it on Thursday wasn’t gonna happen because everyone knows that Thursday is not Wednesday and that’s the way it should be. Now we are getting a sturdier pet, like pet rock or stick fish, so attending pet funerals hopefully wont be in our foreseeable future.

Back to this morning.

Excellent turnout! The sun was shining… probably somewhere, just not in Boston. Humidity was at comfortable 90% and people showed up to throw it down. Some dudes started early due to employment obligations and we wholeheartedly support that. We don’t want anyone to loose their job for working out so if your schedule doesn’t allow you to begin workout at 6:30am don’t be afraid to go for an earlier start.

November Project growing group at Harvard Stadium

We are seeing some huge improvements in finishing times and numbers of completed sections. Folks that ran 10 sections last week were doing a half tour this week. Some first timers were banging out 20 sections on their first run. Some of them finished the whole thing. We had bunch of PRs and we even had some record breaking performances. Great work across the board!!!

We didn’t have time to get everyones score this morning so please share your time and number of sections that you’ve completed in the comments section as we like to keep the track of these things. This is not for bragging rights or judging purposes, we genuinely want to know.

PETA disclaimer: No gold fish were harmed in creation of this post. It’s possible however that we cracked few pet rocks.

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7 Replies to “New Names”

  1. There were definitely a few PR’s today and I am waiting to see them posted BEFORE I head out to buy the growing stack of pizzas. Keep in mind, the last Wed of each month we’re calling “PR Pizza Day.” Anyone who shows up and puts down a personal record (PR) for 37 (full tour) or 50 sections (Hiking Trip) will be awarded one frozen pizza the following Wed. @Nov_Project is currently in partnership negotiations with Tombstone & DiGiorno just to name a few.

  2. PR today for full tour: 31:15. Prior full tour PR: 33:04. And I hope to keep chippin’ away at that number! So glad to have been introduced to this project – makes hump day just that much more enjoyable. I’d like it to be known I’ll have my pizza donated to my favorite chartiy, ‘Whoever Wants this Pizza Foundation.’ Looking forward to next Wednesday, cheers.

  3. 3 years ago: 7 sections with a lot of complaining
    This week: 20 sections with no complaining

    See you all next week 🙂

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