Misty, humid, awesome…

This morning the troops came in ready to work. We were extremely excited to see Rube Weeks come back and go for it. This is the dude that aside from having naturally large biceps doesn’t workout all that much. Seeing him tackle stairs is inspiration to the whole November Project movement.

November Project doing stadiums regardless of conditions

Larry O’Tool, the president and CEO of Gentle Giant Moving Company made his return to Wednesday sessions after missing couple of weeks. If I told you that Larry is a 6’6″, 240 lbs guy that went 35:38 for 37 sections, you would think much about it. What if I told you that Larry is also 61 years young? Did your mind explode all over the screen? Larry also talks a lot of smack and we love him for it.

We had the privilege to welcome Brendan Kearney from Race Menu and Somerville Road Runners to his inaugural stadium tour. Brendan did 10 sections just to get the feeling of what he’s committing himself to. However, by looking at him there is no doubt that he’ll be gunning for the spot on the Wall of Excellence pretty soon.

Brendan Kearney

Representing Hubway, Ian Sanders-Fleming Chesterfield Miller Dawson Winterfeld the 3rd, or just short Ian Sanders-Fleming made his return to the stadium. And what a return it was – he ran casual 25:39 just for shits and giggles.

Brogan and Ian

Sara K. Wild is becoming a household name in November Project circles. Not only that she dropped ANOTHER PR by killing her previous time by 2 MINUTES, but she made it look so easy. Larry wasn’t all that impressed, informing Sara that if she wants to work for GG Moving, she needs to do better. Unlike Larry, we were pretty jazzed with her 25:14, which is now posted on the Wall of Excellence as the new 37 sections record for the ladies. I’m afraid that we will be running out of budget for PR Pizzas on this girl. Anyone knows any frozen pizza sponsors?

Bojan PR’ed while trying to stay away from Sara in the time of 24:47. We’re pretty sure that next week Sara will be shaving off another minute from her time and Bojan will go home crying to his wife.

Brogan, was fast… again… 20:14… bla-bla-bla. Who cares about this guy anyway.


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