The ripple effect [MTL]

Do you ever see yourself or the way you lead your life as purposeful? With all that is happening in the world today and the leaders we have elected into office to represent our nations, it is really easy to perceive ourselves as insignificant – or at least as lone individuals. We carry out our daily lives as if we were running on a treadmill and never ask ourselves if what we do really affects other people around us. When we pause a second a take a look at how interconnected we are and how we come and influence the world around us, the ripple effect we create is INCREDIBLE.

To think that every word that you speak, and every action that you make affects other people and the planet is actually mind-blowing.

I share a personal story with you because it illustrates how this awareness recently became a reality in what I do weekly with November Project. Recently I received a kind reminder with a fellow tribe member that shared with me their story of how this weird thing we do on a weekly basis makes a difference in their life. Let it be giving hugs to total strangers, bouncing on a Neil Diamond song or just having fun picking up tennis balls under our chins gives them the extra push to get on with their Wednesday like no other day of the week. The positivity that transpires during our workouts makes them want to be positive and share it with all.

As a co-lead of November Project Montréal, I am always humbled and honoured to receive such communications. It is why Milana and I do this week in and week out. It sounds sappy but we love you guys and girls. If I could have changed someone’s mood or make them smile on a bad day, I have succeeded in my mission.

However, this is not about how us co-leaders connect with the tribe. It’s all about you and the fact that we are all ripple-makers. Have you ever thought of yourself as a ripple-maker? When you consider those who are affected by the ripple effect of your thoughts, deeds and actions, you realize how YOU matter. So please continue on being the awesome people you are and making my life that much more pleasant by simply #showingup every Wednesday morning with your smiles. My day is always better after November Project Montréal.

OK… I got the sappy out of my system, now we could talk about serious stuff… like PR day. I hope you guys like the new format and hopefully the elastic bands didn’t distract you this morning 🙂  You guys rocked it again. It was COLD but you didn’t show any sign of wanting to quit. THIS TRIBE IS STRONG.

Thanks again to Lindsay for bringing Winston along. ADORABLE We just love that pup and he’s officially our new Mascot. Could we tag him? 🙂

Have a fuckin’ rad week all… see ya next Wednesday!

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