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Megan and I both had some blog ideas for this morning, so we decided to do a joint blog! First off, here is some poetry by Megan. 

This morning, the moon was blue,

And I was happy to see you.

In the parking garage, we ran PR,

Y’all pushed hard and went real far.

The levels may have been slick,

But you still ran real quick.

The Forks, 7:20 tomorrow we skate,

Make a note and don’t be late.

On Friday, again we workout,

Show up and be ready to shout.

Sunday is the day we race,

Be there with your game face.

Afterwards we’ll make a long chain,

Sign up now, use your brain.

That’s everything I’ve got to say,

So my dudes, have a great day.

(Poem by me,

And pics by D)

Kristjana you fast

Ok. My turn.

As of right now, we are sitting at 227 people registered for The Great Skate. That is amazing. I’m sure we will get a few last minute stragglers, and same day rego’s, but we will be closing the registration for the brunch today at 8pm! If you want brunch and haven’t signed up yet for it, today is your last chance.

Register here.

Yes, it’ll be cold this weekend. But that means the river trail will be in top form for the race! And it’ll give the out-of-towners a true Winnipeg experience. Also, we have lots of North Face toques to give away, so get there early! We are giving you all the heads up to get there first, so make sure you show up right at 8am.

Bring a few extra loonies and toonies for parking, and stay for the Chain for Change event happening at 1pm. What is that? It’s an attempt to break a World Record of people skating in a continuous line. Karly has organized it and she has absolutely crushed it. They have raised over $20,000 for CancerCare, and they are getting closer to their goal of 371 people registered, but they need more people to register! So sign up, and help put Winnipeg in the record books. There will be lots of sweet pictures and videos from the day; you do not want to miss it.

On Friday morning at the pop-up, there will be four leaders coming in from different tribes. All of these leaders have been doing it for many years, they are the OG’s. A few more will come in Friday night and Saturday for the race Sunday. We are asking you to make us proud; show them what Winnipeg is made of and show up in numbers! And make sure to push hard during the workout, no lollygagging allowed.

During the workout today, you all shouted out someone that you would call to get to the workout on Friday. Your homework is to follow through with that; call them, text them, show up at their house, don’t stop until you get them to ‘drop a verbal’. For those that don’t know the lingo yet, dropping a verbal means you’re committing to being there, and the person you ‘verballed’ to will hold you accountable.

Remember what your PR was from today, write it down somewhere. You will need it soon for our last PR day in the parking garage (or sooner). Trust me.

Ok, that’s all. Do us a solid, and see you Friday! And Thursday morning for skating at the forks if you’re well keen.

– Frosty D




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