The meaning of PR [MTL]

PR could mean many things to different people. It could mean:

Public Relations
P.R.: a Canadian television sitcom
Partisan Review, a former political and literary journal
Parma, Italy
Puerto Rico
Pastor, an ordained leader of a Christian congregation
Partial Response, a component of Response Evaluation Criteria in Solid Tumors
Per Rectum, meaning “administered rectally”
Progesterone receptor, a protein
PR interval, a measurement used in cardiology
pr (Unix), Unix command to paginate or columnate files for printing
PR (complexity), a complexity class
Personal Record
Punt returner, a position in American football
Protected ranking, a method of ranking tennis players coming back from injury
Pakistan Railways
Park and ride, a type of car park with public transport connections
Parachute rigger, a former U.S. Navy rank

…but for us at November Project, it means so much more than all of this.

PR – even though we also call it PB in Canada – is almost like a ceremony of some sorts where all of us come and push ourselves at our upmost to better our times in a secure and familial setting. It is that one-day of the month where we could let our hair down, be surrounded by people we trust and love, remove four (4) layers of clothing and push push push. It is so awesome to see everyone give it all they got.

And that is exactly what we saw this morning in Montréal. Other than being Taylor’s birthday – Bonne fête Taylor – people came to celebrate their achievement up and down Place Jacques-Cartier. The elastic bands are handed out so that participants could count how many laps were completed in the allotted 20-minute timed period…and the tribe crushed it again this morning. We saw tribe member Jacob running sub-3minute laps and other tribe members actually shedding off 1:30 minutes off their PB. That is amazing and this tribe is amazing.

Keep on rocking it November Project Montréal and see ya next week…


  • NP Social at September Café on March 15th 2018 We are planning our first social event of 2018 on Thursday March 15 in Little Burgundy. Here is the link to the facebook event. Remember to confirm your attendance:
  • Scotiabank NP Cheer station. Reserve the dates: April 21-22 2018. If you aren’t already running it, come cheer our fellow tribe members with us at the official NP tribe cheer station. Let us show Montréal who cheers the loudest!
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