Note the bad to see the good (YOW)

It’s not just another hump day or Wednesday.  Today was our PR Day and we know that’s it been a while so we thought we should mention the top five things we dislike about PR day.

  1. We totally hate all the cheering and high fiving that happens up and down that monsterous hill.  We actually hate it even more when the solid high fives happen on the stairs.
  2. That annoying bounce thing that happens and everyone gets so close they end up rubbing shoulders against each other.
  3. I really, really don’t like beating my PR.  I mean common I’ve already beaten it once, why bother again?
  4. Have we talked about how happy everyone is? Like cool it, it’s 6:29am.
  5. Human high five tunnel how bad do we really need this?

Obviously after reading this you have come to realize that we in fact do not hate anything that occurs on Wednesday.  Actually we can’t get enough of it and if you don’t hear that enough here are some things to reflect on; would you ever run that monstrous hill and those stairs alone?

Would you race yourself to the top of the stairs faster than racing Seumas or Caroline?

Would you cheer on member after member as the 25 minute and 1 second mark hits?

Sometimes it’s a sweet reminder to reflect on the bad to see the good.  

FYI that bad is that uncomfortable feeling you get when you touch the rock or yellow pole and find yourself moving up a steady incline.  That bad is the feeling of your legs moving up each step until you reach the top.  But again that bad is so uncomfortable it becomes the good.  

It’s been a little while since we’ve hit up the hills and stairs for our PR day. If this was your first time hitting it, congrats! You got a PR! Now, it is important to mark that number down. How many laps did you do? How much time did it take to complete the last lap after time was called? This is your new baseline. We are going to hit it again and you better believe you’re going to reach just a little bit further. If you’ve been doing PR since way back in 2017, you know the drill, lead by example, push for every round and encourage those around you to keep moving.

The sun started rising just a little bit earlier than last week, but the feeling of a warm heart and warm body starting the day remains. How lucky we are to have such a great group we look forward to seeing every week. Things got just a little bit tighter with our #NPbuffs uniting us within our city and beyond to 44 other cities. Next week is the start of #Marchmadnesspushups. Show up to next week’s workout to find out what this means and bring a friend. They may not know what to expect, but they won’t be disappointed. You never know what kind of positivity you can add to someone’s life.  

Thank you for sharing your time, your energy and your high fives with us. We’re glad you made it. Homework: write down your PR number,  tell a friend what you did this morning, read a blog from another city, and have a wonderful day.


1)   Get your buff- in exchange for $5. It’s a worldwide thing.

2)   This Saturday- Run, breakfast, give blood. Talk to Liz and Lauren for details and to make sure we get you a spot on the bus and the list.

ps this shit is good.  



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