Nadim was a solid 10/10 today.  If you haven’t figured it out by now…He is the most creative, Jen is the most responsible, and I am the most disruptive.  When he gets an opportunity for a workout like today, he is golden. (Like the shiny medals you all earned this morning)

The Olympic Athletes from OAR-handle were victorious in luge, skeleton, freestyle leg drops and speedshoeing this morning.  Our quads were burned out by the time we got to a final round of 4 minute freestyle pairs something-or-other.  To sum up, we and this morning in general, were utterly fantastic.  Thank you Nadim.

The season of light is getting closer!  I can feel it in the air!  I don’t really care how many people come out but more usually is more fun, and the picture looks better…;)  So reach out to our long lost tribe members and remind them that we don’t really give a shit about 8 month hiatuses, they are welcome to join us anytime.

Wednesday is stairs at Royal Glenora (countdown is on for getting our legs ready for Stadium!), Friday Hills.

Thanks for getting out of bed and joining us this AM. XO

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