Note the bad to see the good (YOW)

It’s not just another hump day or Wednesday.  Today was our PR Day and we know that’s it been a while so we thought we should mention the top five things we dislike about PR day.

  1. We totally hate all the cheering and high fiving that happens up and down that monsterous hill.  We actually hate it even more when the solid high fives happen on the stairs.
  2. That annoying bounce thing that happens and everyone gets so close they end up rubbing shoulders against each other.
  3. I really, really don’t like beating my PR.  I mean common I’ve already beaten it once, why bother again?
  4. Have we talked about how happy everyone is? Like cool it, it’s 6:29am.
  5. Human high five tunnel how bad do we really need this?

Obviously after reading this you have come to realize that we in fact do not hate anything that occurs on Wednesday.  Actually we can’t get enough of it and if you don’t hear that enough here are some things to reflect on; would you ever run that monstrous hill and those stairs alone? read more


We had asked our friend, running partner, T-Rex yogi, Positivity recipient, Bytown Boy and a go-getter Stephen Bierbrier to share his experience, passion and outlook about November Project Ottawa and how he came to be part of this ever growing family.

Stephen we were overjoyed with excitement and jitters the first time we bounced alongside you.  Here’s to the many more times we get to hug, high five and bounce along with you. Thanks for sharing your story and here’s to bringing soles together. read more