Be an Alek (NOLA)

Today was a bittersweet day. You see, one of our most energetic, friendly, knowledgeable, approachable, huggable, excitable friends attended his last Wednesday morning bounce & workout here in New Orleans for a while. Alek will be taking his talents to Washington DC as he has been promoted to a new role with the Satellite and Information Office with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)… in short, Alek is a big deal.

But this blog isn’t meant to just toot Alek’s horn because he got a fancy shmancy promotion. This blog is to remind you that people like Alek are a rare breed and we can all learn from his personality and attitude. Today’s lesson is about how to Be an Alek.

  1. Be Passionate – I don’t know anyone else that loves their job and the purpose they serve more than Alek. That’s not to say that Alek never has a bad day at work or doesn’t sometimes get frustrated with what he’s doing… but what I find significant is that Alek exudes passion towards his job and our community. He loves educating others. He expresses passion and compassion for his job and those he serves. And that is something we should all strive to do.
  2. Be Excitable. If you’ve every had a conversation with Alek, you’ve probably noticed his change in voice inflection, his tall demeanor that transforms into an excited child in the blink of an eye, or his overall enthusiasm for life. If you haven’t experienced it, hang out with Alek during a storm or when the clouds are rolling in. And then ask him about it. Alek knows how to make the littlest pleasures in life feel like the best and brightest parts of your day. For heaven’s sake, Alek could turn a gross and foggy morning into an exciting lesson on record cold fronts and the atmospheric pressure we are experiencing.
  3. Be Yourself. Alek is by all forms of the definition a big, ole nerd. And I’m not worried about offending him in saying that because he embraces it. He knows what he is passionate about, he knows what makes him happy, he knows what matters to him, and he fully embraces it. He’s not scared to nerd out about clouds or rain. He’s not scared to go to Betsy’s or District Donuts by himself out of fear of being lonely. He’s not scared to just be unapologetically himself and that is really inspiring for me to witness as someone who sometimes worries about the opinions of others.
  4. Be Positive. Today Alek won the positivity award because Alek exudes NP and positivity. Feeling down? Talk to Alek. Feeling negative? Talk to Alek. Feeling gray? Talk to Alek. This guy gets it. He knows that life sometimes will give you the sourest lemons, but you’ve got a chance to make some sweet lemonade. He is the kind of person everyone deserves to have in their life. Full of energy, good vibes, and positivity.

In short, today was a reminder for me and many others to Be an Alek. Find those people in your life that lift you up no matter what. Being friends with Alek has been an experience that I will cherish even when he’s thousands of miles away.. But what I do know for sure is that we’re going to miss his loud, lovable, nerdy presence around our workouts… and we’re jealous of his inevitable new friends in DC. Be an Alek, or at least find yours. I’m glad I found mine. #sapsessionover

Win your day, NOLA.

And if you missed Alek’s bounce… Enjoy:


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