The March to 500 (DC)

Good Morning,
Y’all good?

If you haven’t watched this, let’s watch it:

If you have been coming to November Project for the summer, the spring, even through last winter, you KNOW, this is something special. The friendships that have been made, the steps you’ve run, the races you’ve PR’d in, all of that is the foundation for making THIS SHIT GOOD.

If this is your first week, first day, first blogpost, know that someone in that bounce is your awaiting friend. In 3 years the question of if you started in spring, fall, winter, will change to, “what year did you start with NP? 2015?” This is the ground level. You’re standing on it. Stay open.

This is only the beginning. Being part of the original crew that made it to 500 will go down in NP_DC history alongside Matt Anzur’s hair. #TattooVerbal. Make it happen. Recruit everyone and anyone.

Love is Always,

FRIDAY: Nat’s Stadium in baseball gear/hat.

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