Seasons of Change

It was dark. The spiderwebs were easily visible in the moonlight of my backyard. A chill ran down my spine as I groped for my keys, standing in the abyss of the back patio. I immediately wished I had grabbed that other layer of clothing. I walked to my car, illuminated only by the streetlights. A stray cat ran across the road. Startled, I gasped, and was sure my breath was visible…or was it just the morning mist?

It took time for my car to warm up. Seat warmers in full effect, fans blasting so the condensation could be easily wiped away. As I said, it was dark. Slowly, the tribe began to congregate. People hugged, mostly for warmth, the apparent strangers standing inappropriately close to them. As the sun slowly broke free of autumns nocturnal vice, we began to recognize each other behind our beanies and parkas. Once the workout started, the layers slowly began to melt away. And like butterflies emerging from their cocoons, the ass kicking San Diegans we know and love dominated Monday, per usual.

Winter is coming San Diego. How will you survive? Just keep showing up – because #3014 won’t wait for spring! Besides, it has to be at least 58 degrees before you need to worry about frostbite.

Don’t forget about Recruiting Papers 2.0 THIS THURSDAY! 6:30PM – Ale House in PB. Details on the Facebook page!

Be Happy! Be Strong! Be BRIGHT SD!

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