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Picture the scene. Harrison Ford, unjustly accused of murdering his wife, is being chased around the Midwest whilst being the target of a nationwide manhunt, led by Tommy Lee Jones. All the while, he’s trying to find the true killer to clear his innocence. Replace Harrison Ford with Clayton, Paddy and the Tribe. Murdering his wife with running around the concourse we weren’t meant to run around. The Midwest with the Embarcadero Centre. Tommy Lee Jones with one of the soundest security guards I’ve ever met (as he asked that we vacate the Embarcadero centre, he even offered to go around and pick up the workout sheets we had laid out… great guy!). The true killer with…. well fuck it, that would be giving away the whole movie, right? Who do you think it could be? Fit Mob? Orrin Whalen? The Cookie Monster? OK so NPSF is never going to make it in movie writing. Did Paddy use a quote from Con-Air for this blog title? Of course, who on earth remembers any quotes from The Fugitive? I sure don’t. “GET OFF MY PLANE!”? You’re a legend Harrison Ford… and I digress.


Tommy Lee

Back to it… so yeah, NPSF might just hit the bar when it comes to free fitness workout groups. Once we found a welcome home at the Maritime Plaza, the tribe sprinted for 30 minutes around the steps and platforms and greens… stopping for stations of broad-jump burpees, bearcrawls, box-jumps, bodyweight squats and series of other exercises probably not beginning with the letter B. Did you #earnyourweekend? Fuck yeah, you did!

Monday September 29th: It’s the second last class of #BackToSchool month. Fort Mason. 6.22am. START THE WEEK OFF RIGHT!

Wednesday October 1st: Workout200 is upon us. As it stands, we have 209 confirmed attendees on the Facebook event. 209 people. That number will crush our previous record of 130. That number will get NPSF above our target of 200 for the nationwide #3014in2014. Watch this highlight video from the recent NP Summit… get inspired, hand out those NPSF papers, and get recruiting! Spread the word about this amazing community. Bring your families, your friends, your orthopedist, that cute girl that works the coffee shop around the corner, your ugliest worst fattest uncle.


As DG said, THIS. SHIT. IS. GOOD. Won’t it be unbelievable to have more people experience that? Have a great weekend #NPSF. You earned it!

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