The Long & Short of It – (PHL)

Yesterday was Friday and like every Friday we met to run hills.

We hugged, we bounced (1, 2, 3), we hugged some more. The long of it was, we ran long – all the way around The Lemon Hill loop and the short of it – well, we ran short, up to the mansion and back. On the short front, we sprinted – loop at your own decided pace, to the mansion, all out sprint. It was a good workout for all.

Joey K. & his pooch Krypto visited all the way from NP LAX – this cat is road trippin to every NP he can get to in the U.S. right now. We we’re happy to be number eight along the way and wish him and his pooch the safest of travels and the fondest of memories in the making! IMG_7360

We said “so long for now” to our dear friend Sam, he had to roll out of the workout early to go graduate college (or something important like that) – but we still said our goodbyes in his absence before the group photo. You will be missed Sam – but we can’t wait to hear the stories of your travels upon your return.

FullSizeRender (45)

Kristen returned the Hard Hat with a note (thanks to Linsta for running it to the workout) to pass it along. I read the note (but did not preread the note) and gave the HH to her “B choice” who is truly amazing gal, Liz P. (as choice 1 on the note, was not present) – had I preread this note – I might not have called attention to there being a 1 & a 2 or an A & a B – but that’s just how it goes sometimes, and Liz knows she’s number 1 in all our hearts!

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day – Don’t forget to call your mother, your sisters and friends who are mothers too – it will mean the world to them.

Have a wonderful weekend


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