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This entry written the night before her last workout and into the morning of (not as planned) and that was completely par for the course—via Sierra Asplundh.

All hugs by yours truly.
All photography featured in this blog post by Sebastian Gollings – find him on IG under the handle, @sebastiangollings

Tomorrow morning, I get the privilege to say the words, “Let’s get a little bounce going,” alongside my two co-leaders who will be bouncing and leading for many Wednesdays to come. I had this whole idea in my mind that I would only step down if I was moving or if I got a new job, or some other ‘life changing event’ that is suitable for health insurance updates.

I am choosing to step down tomorrow, not because I have to or because someone told me or because I’m sick of it – currently recreating my life and realizing that the time is now to put myself first on all fronts. What does this mean for the city of Brooklyn? “Oh, the possibilities!” Maggie and Jessica are going to create not just the workouts but BEYOND: to be detail oriented, FUN, random, WEIRD, and all around welcoming experiences for NP_BKLYN. For now, I’ll begin the transition to the back of the crowd, grinning and maybe shaking my head from time to time, and remember the moments that led to right here (right now).

Speaking of moments, we had over 100 people show up to our workout on Wednesday.
‘To make good on a tattoo verbal or to not make good on a tattoo verbal,’ that is the question…

Originally, my goal of this blog post was to riff off of one of my favorite books / speeches that I was introduced to back in high school in a class called, Senior Project. In this class, you were able to explore an area of expertise that you wanted to pursue in college or potentially your career. If anyone is shocked, I ended up creating 2-3 experiences and use this skill set almost everyday. There were two teachers who taught this class, Mr. Boyce and Mr. Genzlinger. They had many key moments throughout the duration and I’ll Be highlighting two; the first being – The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. This novel, and or speech, was a tool to help us tap into our purpose and passion, with his lived lessons sprinkled throughout. You’ll have to read or listen to his speech, and each chapter heading is a piece of life advice. My version is going down in 3, 2, 1…

ONE: “Don’t Complain, Just Work Harder.” – direct quote from the book itself. There’s a bit more to that phrase and also, nothing more. Read it.

Hard copy or paperback, pick your poison. Oh, or Kindle.

TWO: Being kind does not make you weak or not cool / worthy / smart enough to be in the room. People will be people. Be kind anyway.

THREE: “Wear Sunscreen.” – another quote from another great speech, and like the millennial that I am—Google it. Or click here

FOUR: Be open to people who want to support you and hold you accountable – surround yourself with them, and do your best to return the favor.

The stories are endless. Thanks for being part of the memories here on the steps and out in the world.

FIVE: Forgive and love yourself – do this more than you do your taxes and you should turn okay.

My goal was to do 61 headings, just like in the book, and tonight was filled with surprise visitors from some of my favorite humans during my time living in Philadelphia. This then led to reminiscing and thinking back to the first days of showing up to these early morning workouts. Who I was then to who I am now is completely different and exactly the same. I refer back to those above nuggets now quicker than ever when I feel myself becoming doubtful or uneasy with my self worth. I’m constantly working on different aspects of my life – and the asking for what I need has become less daunting or ignored because I’ve been practicing.

You can take the girl outta Philly, but you can’t take the Philly out of the girl…

“Practice? We talking about practice?” – Allen Iverson

Some of my bravest moments of athleticism, creativity, and humanness are not because of one moment—it’s because of all of them that built a bridge from a past failure (defined as: a complete attempt that resulted with a different outcome than expected) or decision or experience to learn a new way to get back up.

The other key moment from my Senior Project class? Thank you notes. We wrote thank you notes and we wrote them often. By hand. Hand delivered or with a post stamp. I’ve been awfully out of integrity with this one, as I’m sure many of you who are reading this know, so we’re getting back to it right now in digital form:

If you’re still with me—thank you. Thank you for being there for me, in whatever city I first met you. Thank you for pushing me to the next stair or to go after that scary goal at the time. Thank you for dancing with me – rain or shine. Thank you for letting me fail and then believing in me enough to give me a second try. Thank you for calling me out, and then calling me in. Thank you for laughing at my endless shenanigans or quickly rattled off jokes – funny or not. Thank you for opening up to those around you. Thank you for teaching me to put on my own mask before helping others. Thank you for showing up and for being here, there, and everywhere.

Thank you for serving me ice cream on my last day in the best way possible: on a cone. More like 19, at the speed of light, towards the pie hole. Just another Wednesday, folks.

P. S. This blog post isn’t about me stepping down – it’s just my sneaky way of giving these gems of wisdom to Maggie and Jessica to have in their back pockets for the days to come.

JESSICA – thank you for being here.
MAGGIE – thank you for (still) being here.




Seriously, it’s good.

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