The GFY Workout: The Day Jorge Took Over NPSF

This past weekend, Jorge Moreno continued his 11-month birthday celebration with a camping trip in the wilderness. At the end of the trip, knowing Laura was exhausted and indecisive about what to do for the workout the next morning, Jorge offered up his services.

“I got this. While we are driving home, I will come up with a workout and text it to you.”

No such text ever arrived. So when Laura showed up to the workout Monday morning, it was to her surprise and delight that Jorge, Gretchen AND the peanut butter balls had made it in time to Fort Mason. It was there that Jorge eloquently stated,

“Nahhhh, naaaah, I got this. I got this.”

So Laura let Jorge “have this,” and put her full trust in him, not even asking him what the workout was before we started. Good thing she didn’t, because I’m not sure he would have been able to tell her.

“Listen, man, they always tell us what the workout is ahead of time and I never know where to go. So I will give you one instruction at a time.”

And that he did. Lap after lap, plank after plank, Jorge threw down a full body workout that had Sarah Moret simultaneously crying and begging for more. I loved sitting back and having a dance party while Jorge got drunk on power. All in all, an amazing Monday morning, filled with burpees and peanut butter balls.

With that, the 11-month celebration of Jorge’s birthday comes to a close, with 4 weeks to rest before it all begins again. GFY, San Francisco.




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