So much to say…(YEG)

Here’s what’s happening folks…

TODAY – The tribe once again continues to prove that they are #weatherproof. The second snowfall of the season didn’t stop us from entering the “traffic circle” (which I have been informed is not technically a traffic circle but by my count – which counts – there is traffic that circles around us as we workout) and completing a deck of pushups, situps, sumo squat jumps & burpees…for those of you counting out there…that’s 104 of each exercise this morning plus the “dodging tribies” firedrills…that was supposed to prepare you for dodging traffic when leaving the “traffic circle” and yet some of you still manage to get honked at! The snowfall also didn’t seem to stop some of you from wearing shorts this morning. One of these days you may be forced to layer up…if you’re not sure what we mean by that check out this blog post. By the way…if you are reading this, and you are the family who was taking pictures of us from your front door…come join us next time! How about Wednesday?!…

speaking of WEDNESDAY – #YearBookPhotos are happening! Be ready to say “Cheese” for Louise (aka Christophe) as we capture your mug. Here are some mug shots for you to study in advance…


DSC_4325 DSC_4184 DSC_4335  DSC_4200DSC_4370DSC_4344

Wednesday we will reach – actually exceed – our goal of 200 tribe members going up and down the Royal Glenora stairs. Be there at 5:55 for the bounce, pictures and the celebration of this amazing community.

 Let’s use the power of our amazing community to RECRUIT, RECRUIT, RECRUIT! We want to share this experience with Edmontonians! Recruit all of those peeps who have said they keep meaning to try it, call out of tribe members who have been MIA lately, find people who like hugs, who need hugs, who deserve hugs! Everyone should be having this much fun in the morning!

 Remember when we celebrated our first birthday?…this will be even bigger!bday


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