The Day the Blog ACTUALLY Described the Workout

You may have noticed that here at NPSF we write our blogs a little differently than other tribes. Most notably, our blogs pretty much never describe anything we actually did at the workout. One time I had a page-long argument with myself about which was more important to the world; bees or plankton (it’s bees, trust me). We do this for a number of reasons. (i) It’s way more fun to produce content about nothing (see Jerry Seinfeld), (ii) it leaves a cool. mysterious, insider feel to the workout that leaves non-participants with FOMO levels high enough to kill a small child, and (iii) because we were sick of other tribes stealing our workouts. Well, ever since summit when we actually met all of these other tribes and realized their co-leaders are, like, pretty OK, we’ve started to get comfortable with the idea of sharing. Also, corporate is making us. SO, I give you todays workout:

  • Separate into groups of 5 and spread out into small circles
  • Person 1 in each group of 5 instructs the remaining 4 to do an exercise
  • Person 1 then runs a loop, or a set of steps, or whatever
  • Persons 2 – 5 do the exercise until person 1 comes back
  • Person 2 instructs persons 1, 3, 4, and 5 to do a different exercise
  • Person 2 then runs a loop, or a set of steps, or- …. are you getting it?

OK, good.

small group

THATS IT! If you’re a leader out there reading this, you may have noticed that you don’t have to choose a single exercise the entire morning. #OUTSOURCINGBABY Basically we made everyone come up with their own workouts, and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun with it. Especially that group that decided that Freestyle Dance Party was an exercise (I’m looking at you Schaar / Laryssa / Mitch).

FRIDAY HILLS will be at the Moraga Steps. 16th & Moraga in the inner sunset.

SUNDAY! Nike Women’s Half Morning Cheer Station / ACTUAL FREESTYLE DANCE PARTY. Be there.

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