Healthy Competition

If you can’t win, make the guy in front of you break the record.

I LOVE a little healthy competition.

Good healthy competition encourages you to aim higher and push harder than they normally would have without it. It drives you to grow and encourages you to change your perception of what you are capable of achieving. Healthy competition isn’t about winning or losing. It’s about growing. And it should leave you feeling proud of yourself for trying regardless of the outcome.

That is why I LOVE our Duel in the Desert workout. It is packed full of healthy competition and it is where I see the most growth in the tribe members and the tribe as a whole.

Using myself as an example, when I first started this whole thing, I had NO IDEA that I could take the stairs one a time. Honestly, I thought it was impossible and I was scared to try it (our stairs bite back), BUT when freaking Ahmad (aka Blue Lightning) is racing you up the steps and bragging rights are on the line you all of a sudden are flying up those puppies one at a time without a second thought. It doesn’t matter that you lose to Ahmad…and Jesus…and Christine… EVERY SINGLE TIME… you still go home victorious because you freaking crushed it and did something you were too afraid to try without that extra push from your friends.

Even if you lose every single duel, it is damn near impossible to not feel like a winner when the whole tribe is cheering you on and you are awarded with a big sweaty hug at the finish line from your competitor. The tribe is always supportive, but it is on race days where they really shine. It is during these type of workouts that I am the most thankful to be a part of such a fantastic community of people. A community that believes that competition and teamwork can coexist in the same environment.

The Phoenix tribe has been drinking the NP Koolaid – or maybe it was that jug of NUUN that our man Jeremy brought to today’s workout- but they have fully embraced the idea that by building the team, we build ourselves.

Kendra and JD
Kendra and JD


– Congrats to JD on being selected by Kendra for this week’s Crushing It Award

– SOCIALS – Our first social was awesome. Hope everyone had fun!  There will be plenty more where that came from. Check out our new facebook group for all the social happenings.

– HEADLAMPS – It is getting dark out and everyone will need a light for the trails/stairs. Mention NP at Irun and Sole Sports for a discount on headlamps. Let’s give back support to our local running stores who have been a constant support to us!  

– YOU ARE ALL AMAZING! Thank you to everyone sharing your talents with the group and helping us get the NP word out to the community! Keep recruiting! Keep spreading the news!

Peace, love and cacti,


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