The Best Things (LAX)

They say some of the best things come in threes.



Think about it though: The primary colors, the Hanson Brothers, the Musketeers, the Stooges, those blind mice, the DIMENSIONS… the list goes on and on. Hell, there’s even a childhood favorite song about the matter:

NP LAX displayed their strength in threes today, with a rambunctious morning crushing stairs, burpees, and planks. Hi fives were abundant. Energy was high… shit was brought hard today.



So while you’re celebrating Destiny’s Child, the amount of times you need to say Beetlejuice so he can appear, the ingredients in a BLT, tricycles, three-piece suits, or Joseph Gordon-Levitt in a three piece suit… remember where the true strength of three shined this red morning in the Hollywood Bowl.

Some of the best things really do come in threes.



FRIDAY – #Beachtober rolls on with our third week in Santa Monica! As always we meet at the entrance to the pier, 6:27 am

WAIVERS – Yes, they are a thing now, and yes… you have to do one. Either fill one out the next time you come to a work out or register for our NP Tracker. We suggest the latter, but either will work.

#RoadTo300 – Keep the people coming! We had a ton of new faces today and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Keep bringing the good vibes and we’ll be there in no time*!  (*Deadline for tattoo verbal is 11/11/15)

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