Fall Firedrill (PHL)

Colder days are nipping at our heels, but the Tribe remains unfazed.  This morning’s workout started with a strong bounce and even stronger hugs.  We bounded up and down the stairs only stopping for the sweet, sweet sound of the cowbell to do partner squats (with an emphasis on eye contact, of course) and partner sit ups.  At the conclusion of the workout, the group was divided by sex.  Each group sprinted the loop twice for a final burnout.  Finally, Trish, our group’s badass grandmother (no really, she is both badass and a grandmother) crowdsurfed the Triber as we celebrated her birthday.

Today’s #PositivityAward went to Luke, a dude who is both friendly and fit.  You’ll often see Luke pushing the pace as well as greeting new people.  Luke also enjoys long walks on the beach and facial grooming products.  See you all Friday!

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