The circle of life [MTL]


  • This week’s workout
  • Golden Square Mile Race with The North Face this Sunday
  • Bern helmet photo contest
  • NP Summit 2018 in Milwaukee
  • Byeeeeee


…WAS HOT. Folks, friends, pals, SO hot. Even at 6am. Nay, not even hot. Just wet. Luckily, this humidity forces our hugs to last longer because we have to peel our sticky bodies off one another, so that’s good, right?

As for the actual workout, it covered an old fave (vortex) and a new one (workhorse). Both brutal, both 100% teamwork based.

Add in our old cha cha burnout, and that’s a day earned.

Legs-a-burnin’ and abs-a-throbbin’ we mosey-ed on over for post-workout coffee, as always.

That is what I would call a great morning.


Here are the rules:

Post a photo on Instagram before Monday, August 13th. Photos posted after midnight EST on August 13, will not be eligible.

You must:

  1. Be wearing #GrassrootsGear
  2. Have a bicycle somewhere in the picture
  3. Be Outside
  4. Tag @novemberproject @bernunlimited #NovemBern #StayOutThere

Link to further details including rules here.

Some of my fave entries thus far, for inspiration:


Our sold out race put on with The North Face is THIS SUNDAY. Facebook event link here.

If you snagged a ticket, make sure to show up between 9h00 and 9h30 at TNF on St. Cath’s for race kit pick-up and bag check, rep tagged grassroots gear, and make sure to come ready to race, but more importantly ready to explain what November Project is and be ambassadors for our loopy, lovey, Wednesday morning world!


November Project’s Annual gathering, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on September 14th-16th 2018.

  • It is basically a big ass race and a big ass party with the added humbling experience of seeing how big this movement really is
  • DISCOUNT CODE: NP20 for 20% off
  • GOOGLE DOC HERE (with all NP tribes, to help find a team/lodging/whatever else)
  • The logo is this hilarious and gross hand. If that doesn’t convince you to go, I don’t know what else will!


Alas, after 2 amazing years leading NP Montreal as well as 4 incredible years in the NP world, I am saying adieu (for now). I did a bit of an Irish exit in my announcement and departure because no fuss needs to be made on my behalf. I don’t need a party or a big hoorah when this movement has given me so damn much. I am forever indebted to November Project for bringing me to some of the coolest, most inspiring, powerful, ridiculous, loving humans, and I feel extremely honoured to have been able to foster that community in a new city. In fact, bear with me while I ramble just a little bit about new cities:

I moved to Montreal knowing very very few humans. I was lucky that with a small enough Master’s program, instant friendships are made. Most people who move do not have that experience and meeting people as an adult can be a hard to navigate dance. *That is, it can be if you don’t have NP in your city.*

One of my biggest take-aways from this whole thing is that this movement fosters connection unlike anything else. Think of our transplants from other cities and how easily they can find a group to get in with, to grab a beer with, or to date, just from a few hugs and fuck yeahs. This thing is so special and this thing is so much bigger than any of our individual cities. This thing is the reason that I have an additional 40+ destinations on my wish list and NP (re: real) friends in all of those cities to tour me around them. Point being: Keep connecting, keep welcoming others, and keep NP Montreal the warm and goofy gang that I know it is. Oh and if you can, go to NP summit. There is truly nothing better.

THAT’S IT THAT’S ALL. (Once and for all!)

All of my love to you folks and stay tuned for the next time I pop in and ask to lead a weird or wordy bounce!

– M

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3 Replies to “The circle of life [MTL]”

  1. I will miss you when I come visit!! You are truly an amazing human being. I hope you go somewhere great and I wish you only the best!

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