November Project Summit, Full Info #NPSUMMIT, MILWAUKEE

Below is the play by play plan for the full weekend (September 14-16) in Milwaukee, WI for the annual November Project Summit. For those just jumping in, the #NPSUMMIT is the gathering of all tribes from all over the world, in this case all 49 groups, for a long/fun weekend of trail racing, training, celebrating, and meeting new faces from all over who love this odd fitness movement the way we do. The race, as always, is one of the locations stops, for the Endurance Challenge Series by The North Face (Use code “NP20” to register here). If you want to get completely educated on what this has looked like over the years, scroll to the far bottom of this post and view videos from 2013 through last year, 2017 in Boston.

We suggest taking on the full schedule below but understand if you have blah blah and are only able to blah blah. Please keep in mind, the full experience, just this one weekend each year, will give you enough time to see a new city, meet leaders & members from all over the world, and take in a very memorable time.

Arrive, Thursday, September 13th. Getting into Milwaukee on Thursday night will put you in a good spot to rise and shine for the epic Friday AM workout with November Project Milwaukee. But no matter what day you show up, plan to get a place somewhere in Downtown Milwaukee. Other than the race, everything this weekend will be near enough to downtown. Also, rent a car – more info below.

  1. Thursday Night Fun; Nothing officially starts until Friday morning at the Milwaukee workout (see #2) but if you’re in town and are interested in getting out and doing/seeing stuff you will have 3 options… Join locals for karaoke at the Milwaukee Ale House at 9PM. Rather move more? Perfect, join our pals at Performance Running Outfitters at 6:30PM (6 miles North of Downtown) for a fun run. Lastly, bib pickup and race panel with Pro Ultra Runner and multi-city NP member (SF, MSN, CHI, and a few others) Dean Karnazes, as well as The Endurance Challenge race director, Nick Moore. They will be able to answer all of your pre-race questions. Goes from 6:30PM – 7:30PM at The North Face Brookfield Square (12 miles West from Downtown Milwaukee, add an extra 40 mins for traffic). For bib pickup, keep in mind that you can get your bib the morning of the race but we highly suggest you plan to pick it up right when you jump out of your car on Saturday/Sunday morning so you’re not late for the start).  
  2. Workout, Friday Morning, September 14th. 6:26AM start at O’Donnell Park. Plan to arrive just after 6AM so you can feel the vibes early. Parking? Give yourself some time to find parking. There will be spots, just plan accordingly so you’re not stressed. Also, look for nearly 200 NP Milwaukee members in yellow “No Problem” shirts if you feel lost. Event tags, meaning the painted shirts with the 6 fingered hand logo above, will happen at this workout ONLY, not at the race, the party, or at the airport leaving MKE. Please bring one item to get tagged, light colors are best. The only paint used will be black, no exceptions. Black doesn’t show up well on brown, black, or anything with a busy pattern – Sorry. 
  3. Friday Morning, post-workout Coffee -Lakefront Colectivo Coffee. Outdoor seating for 200+ and is located across from the McKinley Marina parking lot.
  4. Sand Castle Contest, Friday Afternoon, 1PM-3PM, at Bradford Beach. This will be judged. Official tools provided. Teams will be made on location based on the group that arrives by 1PM. Prizes will be epic/stupid, you’ll have to compete & win to find out. Speaking of cash, if you want to be able to slip right into the party on Saturday night, bring $10 cash for your wristband – We will be selling at the beach during the castle creation event. Cash only, 18+ (See #10)
  5. Friday Night Dinner Scene: The following are THE places around Milwaukee that you should consider checking out. Nothing official going on in any ONE of these places, just pick and you’re going to be happy. 1. Brady Street // 2. Estabrook Bier Garden: an authentic Milwaukee experience in one of the most scenic green spaces in the city. Family and dog-friendly. // 3. BayView Neighborhood: lots of bars and restaurants on unique street // 4. Downtown/Third Ward
  6. Saturday Morning Rides to THE RACE (CARAVAN): Kettle Moraine State Park is an hour from Downtown Milwaukee. Below is for the Marathon Relay racers and supporters only.

    Again, Caravan Option for Marathon Relay Racers ONLY: If you’re doing a longer race (50M, 50K, 26M) you need to make your own plan. If you  are a racer or supporter for the Marathon Relay, the below info if for you. If you have a car with extra seats, whether it is a rental or your own, please plan to drive and waive NP’ers into your ride until you’re full. If you arrive to the meeting spot and there are tons of cars, we can drop a few for the day there. This is going to be an organic process that will have a sense of working as a team – Nobody will help you find your ride… you will have to meet people who are at the meeting location… you got this! The times below are pretty set, so please don’t be late and hold up this train. 

    7:40 AM: MEET @McKinley Marina Parking (next to Yacht Club) 

    7:50 AM SHARP departure

    8:05 AM Arrive at State Fair Park & Ride 

    8:15 AM SHARP departure

    8:50 AM: Arrive at Ottawa – The Marathon goes off at 9AM so jump out and give them some love! 

7. Pre-Race Bounce for Marathon Relay – Roughly 10 minutes before the Marathon Relay starts, we’ll call it 9:51AM, we’ll do a very special group bounce, attempting to bring in as many volunteers, pro-runners, non-NP’ers, leaders, members, boy scouts, whoever is standing around, to bring the noise & get ready to race. Remember, this is a giant opportunity for the Mid-West tribes to recruit the hundreds of people who are at the race who have zero clue what NP is. Let’s be open to them and point outward to spread the NP love.

8. Saturday Afternoon Chill Times – For anyone who’s been to a race at any of the Endurance Challenge locations, there is a beer tent, there are recovery tents, there is a KIDS Race both days, and there is a trophy presentation to the winners of all events. It can be fun to stick around and celebrate with, now traditional, CROWD SURF! CROWD SURF! Some will hang, others will go (stay for the awards though, that shit is fun), others will still be out there on the trails working their way back in. Just know that this is a good time to make sure you have a ride back to Milwaukee.

9. The November Project Dry Run – This is NOT a run worth worrying about for those who have issues around “keeping up,” most of us will have already raced Saturday morning, just hours before. The November Project Dry Run. This is an option for folks who don’t need to be at the bar right away or simply want to do MORE MORE MORE. Starting at 7:30 PM think of this as a short walking tour, with anywhere from 2 to 5 stops along the way, zero alcohol, with roughly 90 mins of randomness, featuring possible games, get to know you stuff, and a bunch of other NP culture that may or may not even happen. If you’re interested in this, please know that this will change on the fly, it will be very odd, and we won’t be able to answer any questions before, during, and maybe even after. The November Project Dry Run. This is open to kids if you’ve got them, but isn’t an official November Project event or workout, so you’ll need to plan on having them with you at all times. The November Project Dry Run. Good. Clean. Fun. The start and finish will take place at the Nomad Nacional, Address: 625 S 5th Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53204 (see below). Please do not “pre-game” this event, as we have built it to be good, clean, safe fun. This last time read it out loud to yourself and those around you; “The November Project Dry Run.” 

10. The Official #NPSUMMIT Social, Saturday Night (7:30PM until 11PM) at Nomad Nacional, Address: 625 S 5th Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53204This, in years past, has been incredible. Guests must be 18+ and we are asking $10 CASH & ID at the door from everyone, leaders, members, Co-Founders, EVERYONE. This will (hopefully) cover costs for the space, tent, and whatever else. We will also need you to have your photo ID to get into the event – No Exceptions. We highly urge you to use this evening to break away from those in your tribe or those who are already in your friend circle – This is what makes ‘Summit so special, the shared space by many from all over, so don’t waste this cool chance to meet hundreds of new faces.

Again, if you’re still wondering if you should go to this fun weekend or not, please check out the below YouTube Education, marked by NPSUMMIT years, and we hope you’ll know enough about what you’re getting into to book travel, pump out some hype via social media, and start getting ready for the most fun event on November Project calendar. Use #NPSUMMIT for the weekend, #ECSWI for the race, @NovemberProject on IG, and follow the local NP Milwaukee tribe @NovemberProjectMKE

2017 ‘Summit, Boston, MA (USA)

2016 ‘Summit, Blue Mtn, Ontario (Canada) Teaser and 2016 ‘Summit, Blue Mtn, Ontario (Canada) Full Video

2015 ‘Summit, Park City, UT (USA) 

2014 ‘Summit, Madison, WI (USA) Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Teaser 

2013 ‘Summit, Edmonton, Alberta (Canada)

Nomad Nacional, Address: 625 S 5th Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53204
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  1. For November project Milwaukee after party we should go to the rock complex in Franklin they have an awesome band that night and can accommodate a large group! I can talk with management and help get us set up if interested!

    1. Wow, how loud can this club be in a restaurant that I thought I could have a nice breakfast? It looks like you did not even make reservations and the poor waitstaff is overwhelmed with 50+ people walking in. Use your indoor voice! Sure, you are spending money in our town but manners are not bought . I hope you over tipped the staff for being so inconsiderate.

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