The Butterfly Effect

To all those folks who “don’t like November Project.”
To all the haters out there.
To all the people who are annoyed by their friends’ news feeds being chockablock full of awesome photos…
November Project Boston just spent their morning running up and down Summit Ave helping clear fire hydrants, sidewalks, and residents’ houses and cars.
Wut?! Why?!
Why would you get up at 530am to run your ass through the snowy Boston streets just to clean up SOMEONE ELSEs driveway?! Well, because we change the communities we work out in. The residents of Summit Ave aren’t “someone else,” they’re the people who come out and join us from time to time. Who’s kids stare out the window at us wondering “what the heck are those people doing?” They’re the people we unintentionally wake up every Friday morning at way-too-early. So, while we always try to be courteous and keep the noise down, stay on the sidewalks, and stop running to direct traffic while they back out of their driveways, this morning was about purely giving back to the Summit Ave neighborhood.
Now, I’ve never been one to believe it (being a New Englander myself), but a lot of people give New England a bad rap. They say we’re cold, disconnected, uninviting. I say F that. If you see your neighbor stuck in the snow, are you just going to sit there and watch as they struggle by themselves?? No way! You’re gonna go over (tell them to put it in 2nd gear, maybe “stop stomping on the gas–you’re only making it worse”), and PUSH with all your might to get them unstuck!
Maybe that’s what drew me to November Project the most in the early days*. We “change the chemical makeup of the cities we’re present in.” The ripple effect of gestures like this morning emanate throughout Boston. Maybe someone wakes up early to see their entire driveway has been shoveled. Maybe they have an extra few minutes to make their partner breakfast this morning. Maybe their partner gets to work early and has time to hold the door for the cleaning staff pushing the giant frozen dumpster into the garage. Maybe the he has some extra time to go grab a coffee and gets one for his coworkers.
I’m talking butterfly flapping wings shit here. 
So let’s get out there and make a difference. Help that person with their groceries. Hold the door for someone. Offer to pay for the person behind you at Dunkies. Actually strike up a conversation with some of the people around you on the T. Boston isn’t a cold place and new Englanders aren’t cold people. They just need a little encouragement…
Much Love,

    – C. Payne

*jk. It was definitely the weird. But the welcoming aspect was a close 2nd.

MONDAY DECK — you know where you run, do the deck, and run back home…is at Fort Washington Park.  It’s near Cambridgeport, kinda behind Memorial Drive but near the BU bridge.  Geez, just look at the map in the tracker and we’ll see you there.

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