From Carpe Diem GR to NP

For November Project Grand Rapids, 2018 will be a year of “firsts.” Our first workout of 2018 (second NP workout ever), our first NP Blog, our first NP Summit, and many more exciting events that we have up our sleeves. Over the next few weeks, we want to look back at where we’ve been, share our vision for 2018, and crush all our goals for 2018.

Early in 2017 we had an idea to get Grand Rapids to seize the day by building a community around free fitness. Carpe Diem GR officially started in March and we grew slowly as word of our weatherproof group spread.

We got an early boost of enthusiasm and support from the kickass Emily Saul (of NP Boston – if you don’t already find her on Instagram ASAP @emilysaulboston) and set bigger goals and events for ourselves.  We raced the sunset in a mile run showdown, we jumped into September Grand Rapids Burpee Appreciation Month and we built washboards in November’s Abvember.

Grand Rapids kept showing up and helped us crush a year end attendance goal, showing up 78 strong in the face of a winter storm warning. EmSauce came back to GR on the last Wednesday of December, to crush hills and burpees on our PR Day workout, and to welcome us into the November Project family.  Tribe members from Chicago and Atlanta also showed up to throw down and share the love.

We lit a fire in 2017 and built a flame. We wanna make it burn hotter and brighter in 2018 and keep spreading the NP positivity and encouraging GR to seize the day.  We’re gonna #ActifyGR (Active + Unify) and we’d be stoked to have you get in.

-Yoshi and Matt

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