Frozen Feet and Warm Hearts

Wisconsin Notes:
-Last week: COLD
-This week: COLD
-31 Badges: GOOD
-Big numbers, despite big cold
-Jenny is joyful
-Helping is nice
-The Great Skate is COMING!

This morning was fire. Scratch that. This morning was ice. Scratch that. This morning was fire AND ice. We EARNED those -31 badges for the 2nd freakin’ week in a row. It was bitterly cold, but y’all warmed my heart with your enthusiasm and your smiles (well, at least I assume you were smiling under your buffs and or frozen beards)!

We took advantage of having the wonderful Milana here, and she was gracious enough to step up and be a guest leader this week with Derek, while I am in my boot and travelling at a walking pace. We kept things weird and wacky, we took it out onto the frozen river and did all sorts of lunges and hoistees and bear crawls up and down the Assiniboine. We closed it all out with a hilarious plank, roll, relay. And at the end those well deserved badges were handed out!

Leaslie handed the Shabooya off to the well deserving Desiree.  Desiree is awesome, she is at every workout, ready to work hard and hug hard, and she showed up to almost all of the 12 Days of Fitmas events.  Desiree you rock, and we appreciate you.

Last week our incredible ray of sunshine Jenny was the overdue recipient of the positivity award. Jenny shows up to every workout and every event, she is always smiling and connecting and pushing her absolute hardest. Jenny has made a commitment to running and her dedication and progress has been incredible to watch. Jenny came to Summit and completed 6 gruelling miles through the mountains outside of Boston. I feel so lucky to have witnessed Jenny’s incredibly joyful finish of the race. I am beyond excited to watch Jenny tackle her first half marathon this year. Jenny your joy is contagious, thank you for showing up with us every week, NP YWG is lucky to have you.

Thank you to everyone who came out to any of the 12 Days of Fitmas! It was an incredible run of days seeing all of your smiling faces and getting to experience so many new outdoor adventures with you all! You made my kooky idea a super fun reality, and that’s what I appreciates about you.

Today in Megan’s Feelings Corner: Help, asking for it and offering it.  As some of you saw, I bonked at the end of the workout last week, and almost fainted from the cold.  I knew I was about to faint and I had that weird knee jerk reaction where you think “Nope, not asking for help, this is embarrassing, I got this on my own” but I quickly smartened up and managed to get out the words “I need help”.  Jody and Dave quickly stepped in and helped keep me upright while walking down 7 flights of stairs in a walking boot (which is no small task, so again thank you both) I got warm, got a Postal, hot chocolate in me and I was good to go.  Today, during the workout, a tribe member wasn’t feeling well and was in some pain, and immediately the person working out beside them stopped, offered to help and stayed with them until they were doing better.  Another person froze their feet and I heard their friend checking in at Cafe Postal to make sure they were ok.  You all are incredible, you give help immediately, and without hesitation.  This tribe is a big, strange family and to see you all continuously help and support each other is what makes this weird thing that we do called November Project, special and worthwhile.  I know, for some of us asking for help is hard, but you are surrounded by a tribe full of incredible humans that would love for nothing more than to keep you upright.  Thank you for helping and supporting me, and thank you for helping and supporting each other.

In other news, the Great Skate is coming and it’s going to be GREAT!  Register.  Tell your mom, tell your dad, tell your neighbour, tell everyone. The Great Skate is an incredible recruiting tool, so let’s get the word out there! We are working with our designer (Colin- you might know him- he’s got the brightest and best outfits at most workouts) and we will have a pretty poster for you to share on your socials soon, so stay tuned!

Winnipeg stay warm and stay wonderful

Megan Cora of the House Hunter, First of her Name, Queen in the North (dethroned-due to near hypothermia) Khalessi of Bonking, Breaker of Bones and Mother of the Great Skate



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