Life spectator? Fuck no.

The first stair workout of 2018!!  Hooray!

It’s the time of year when just showing up feels like the most important thing, and maybe it actually is.  The days are short, the mornings are dark and cold, it feels like the Christmas turkey still hasn’t digested in your belly and the last sip of eggnog is still on your breath…  It truly is a win to roll out of bed and join us at all.

BUT… since you are a total badass and have decided that you are going to kick some ass in 2018, write down a goal or 10, put it on your actual fridge or social media fridge and have a bigger reason to work your butt off at NP mornings.

Maybe it’s going to be your first ever 5k! Fuck ya.

Try a triathlon? Why the heck not?!

Slay some ultra marathon in the Sahara desert?  Go get ‘em you ultimate warrior!

Don’t have a clue as to what you should work towards?  If you have been showing up, you are literally surrounded by a community full of do’ers.  Start talking to them.  Join up with them!  We have a huge group that has travelled to Hawaii to run.  NP Summits are full of first-time half marathon teams.  Start asking around about how to conquer the Old 96’er.   Sick of running?  Wonderful, we have our own bike gang.

Whatever it is, circling something on the calendar and setting a defined goal helps get your ass out of bed in the morning.  It helps drive you hard up that last set of stairs.  It doesn’t have to be an easy goal, a lot of people actually like to set ones where failure might arrive a few times before success.  But like Mr. Nike once said, just do it.  Pull the trigger on that registration you’ve been secretly eyeing up and wondering if you could actually do it.  Fuck it, life is too short to not be a participant.

Friday is hills, be there and be awesome.

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