That Was Easy… (VB)

Wake up. Get dressed. Brush your teeth. Get in your car. Drive to Mount Trashmore. Very little thinking involved. It’s early, no one likes to turn on their brains until a. they’ve had coffee or b. their boss asks them a question and they have to respond for fear of being fired.

This morning situation is pretty standard for most November Project groupies. Unless, however, you are running the workout.  What seemed so simple and straightforward in your head the night before is now coming out like jibberish or a foreign dialect of pig latin when trying to explain the workout to the group. “Run from cone A to cone C but don’t forget to stop at cone B and do 15 pushups” ends up coming out WAY more complicated leaving NPers with looks of concern and confusion.

The solution you ask?

Find your nearest Dollar Store, pick up a 69cent poster board and make a diagram. Stick figures, highlighter style trees and big black arrows will work wonders. Feel free to throw in a few birds or grass for good measure. Now, when words aren’t rolling off your tongue as freely as your typical liquid-courage-filled Friday night, all you need to do is hold up your poster board (neon colors work best), point and yell “GO!”.

Problem solved.

Your welcome.

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