Multicoloured Paint Fumes (YEG)

I can confirm that different colours of paint give off different smelling paint fumes. It’s hard to describe what is actually going on right now. I’m sitting at my desk doing my day job and my computer has been updating for 45 minutes… I think…. I’ve been staring at the little white light going around the circle…. I started counting the number of laps it was doing, but couldn’t count that high. Then I decided to try and run around my desk chair and see who could do one lap faster. I’m not really sure who won. At this point, I’m going to share with you a very important life lesson. Multi coloured paint fumes plus being very dizzy will not get you far in life. Feel free to write that in your locker or bathroom stall. On a side note (this might not be a side note), I got a weird look this morning when I had to shake someone’s hand. They saw my multicultural and multicoloured hands and looked confused. They might have said something about it, but I can’t really remember.

We are now at 70 minutes and this damn circle is now laughing at me. I can’t tell if it has slowed down or not. It definitely slowed down. And now it has the biggest grin on its face.

90 minutes. It’s talking to me. I can’t make out the words. It’s not English. Can anyone translate this?
I just rebooted. It didn’t help. I probably just set myself back another 90 minutes.

I’m back in! 103 minutes! I ran a half marathon in less time. I wonder if the white light went as far as a full marathon. I guess we will never know.

Real notesNotes:

  • 13 people went to the wrong location. (This is an unconfirmed number. It may have been a rival rogue tribe)
  • 3 people came from overseas.
  • 2 people almost got towed today. Park legally folks. Some rules still apply, even at 6am.
  • 1 person had a pretty cool morning alarm.

We made a bet with the DC Tribe about which of our countries will win the FIFA Women’s World Cup. I’m very confident that we will win. FIFA doesn’t have a president… Canada doesn’t have a president… Sounds like it was meant to be.
Friday, your options for the workout are in Paris, France (NOT Paris, Ontario) or Victoria Hill, Edmonton (same spot as today but halfway down the hill).


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