Hot Zones! (LAX)

I really can’t understate how much we at NP LAX missed those glorious stairs at the Hollywood Bowl. We missed them SO MUCH, in fact, that  we decided to run from the bottom to the top as many times as physically possible. It was a ladder of sorts, run up the first flight and back to the bottom, up through the second and back to the bottom… you get the jist.



But the real news from today is that we finally have a workout deserving of the title: HOT ZONES! When that cowbell rang, you ran like hell to catch the person in front of you. If you caught them, they dropped for either 3 burpees or 5 push ups. Even at the end of the time, when you had a countless number of stairs under your belt, you all let loose and ran hard for those hot zones. It’s that deep dig when you feel tired that is the most rewarding.



That’s one of many reasons the tribe is so strong. You leave NOTHING up for interpretation. You take the time and effort to get your asses out of bed and JUST SHOW UP, and when you’re here you make good on the promise to be in the moment. To work hard because pain is temporary and the clock counts down to zero eventually. Each and every one of you can walk away from today feeling like you truly pushed yourself towards somewhere you want to be. And I am so fucking proud of that. As always…



FRIDAY – Meet at the top of Barnsdall Art Park, drive up the Hollywood entrance and we’ll be in the middle of the field.

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