Celebrity Match-Ups (VB)

Rise and shine kiddos. Red is gone for two weeks so we have two options: drink bottomless mimosas or do stairs until we can’t feel our quads.  Clearly a no brainer- stairs for breakfast ALL DAY. We are getting bathing-suit ready down here in VA Beach where temps have easily stayed in the 90’s for the past few weeks. Not that we are complaining…..

Since I was running the work-out (the other slice of the ginger sandy) we had to do something Red wouldn’t approve of.  Naturally.  So we split into teams by pulling names out of a hat and matching up with each person’s celebrity partner…”Portia I don’t see youuuu!” “Tom where are you?!” (Screamed Gieselle or was that Katie Holmes..I don’t remember) Either way, the pairs were finally matched and off to the circuits they went. “Celebrities don’t work out hard” you say? (Actually, I don’t know who says that.) But this group surely did not disappoint! Whether it was crushing partner push-ups, doing dips until their triceps wanted to fall off, or sprinting up the stairs to avoid getting their photo taken by the paparazzi…there was no slacking with these celebs, I mean NP’ers.

After watching some of the incredible athletic performances, rhythmic bounce moves and loud F*CK YEAHS I’m thinking MTV should start a True Life I’m Addicted to November Project series….thoughts?

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