Thanks Boston.

You have those ridiculous sunrises and skyline backdrops.  You have way too many places to stop and do burpees.  Too many waterfront areas to run next to.  Too many parks to explore and places for fitness to happen.  You’re a city that should be entirely focused on academics, innovation, and tea parties.  Yet here you are week after week with more to show us.  You drag us out of bed to run through your streets, to learn new areas by finding the workouts and by getting lost on our way to them.  And you constantly impress upon us that you are, in fact, a really fucking awesome city.  Fine.  Thanks Boston.

And thanks November Project.

You get us up on Monday mornings to move our bodies, to stay in motion even when it’s cold and windy, even when it’s rainy and our bodies beg to stay in bed.  But you, November Project, you and your “community” of hugs and high fives.  You make us swear (loudly) before 7am, sometimes even before the sun comes up.  And suuuuuuure, of course it’s #notacult.  You drop a pin on a map and you send us all over the city, keeping us guessing, keeping us exploring new places (#neverstopexploring), and making us do all kinds of weird things.  Thanks.  Because of you, we all got faster today.  We had to look at the whole city from Fan Pier while also overlooking Boston Harbor.  Geez.  We got stronger today after our burpees, pushups, plank holds (where the fuck is my partner?!?), broad jumps on uneven cobblestone, wall jumps, walking lunges and spriiiiiiiiints.  Do you know how hard that is November Project?  Who do you think you are November Project?  Some inspiring, motivating, fitness movement …for FREE?  Our civilization will probably crumble if you catch on November Project.  Crumble right down to the grassroots ground.  Nice.

So thanks.  Thanks a whole bunch.  #FuckYouYeah


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