Stefanie Sullivan Controls the Weather (SD)

Today I learned two things at November Project SD:

  1. I will never stop being amazed at the strength, resilience, mental toughness, and support this tribe brings to each other. Like Ash mentioned this morning, one of our core CORE members has been going through some health issues and despite keeping them pretty under wraps, has been coming to NP week in and week out getting stronger – both mentally and physically. Without you even knowing it, each of you helped him handle what life has thrown at him. And now he’s on the other side of surgery, on a road to recovery that will be tough as well, and we know he is going to kick ass – and we know we’ll be here to support him every step of the way. Because that’s what November Project does.
  2. I also learned that Stefanie Sullivan controls the weather. Remember how I called her out for her false weather prediction on the NPSD Social Hour page? Whelp, I got home from NP and went for a short 2 mile run to clear some of the spray paint from my lungs and about halfway through the dark clouds opened up, the gods of meteorologists past present and future rained their displeasure down on me in the form of thunder, headwinds, and dagger sharp raindrops. You win Stefanie, you win.

Other things that happened this morning:

  • The paint crew tagged beautifully and no one got the cops called on them for vandalism.
  • Dad (Angelo) yelled at the tribe for bringing so many clothes/bottles/paraphernalia to every workout, putting them on peoples lawns, and then promptly forgetting to bring them home.
  • Crazy Aunt Ashleigh still loves the tribe.
  • Nick, Fiona, and our English friend are amazing photographers.
  • We had awesome visitors from DC and RI.
  • Jimbo grows great oranges, thanks for sharing them Jim!

Be happy, be strong, be bright, be polite to meteorologists!



– Every Monday in March, where Hill Street meets Sunset Cliffs Blvd, 6:29AM.

– Every Wednesday in forever, by the Natural History Museum in Balboa Park, 6:29AM.

– Mark your calendars for July – #NPSUMMIT4.0 is coming. This year we go to Ontario, Canada to race the North Face Endurance Challenge. More to come later.

– Stay tuned – Mom, Dad, and Crazy Aunt Ashleigh are planning some fun NPSD events to take place outside of M and W mornings!

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One Reply to “Stefanie Sullivan Controls the Weather (SD)”

  1. lol- Mom, Dad and Crazy Aunt Ashleigh! hahahaha- These pics imo, have been some of the awesomest! The sun, silhouettes- mid air jumps! BooM! I HATED that hill, but I love my Tribe and all the people in it! I like my camelback so I can play music of course, but also carry all my random junk, wallet, keys, gloves and of course water & blinky light!

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