There is seriously nothing better than the sun. Picnicking, napping, lounging, strolling, and even working out are all activities that seem to be enhanced by the sun. Come on, is there anything better than waking up on a blanket in the grass with the sunlight nicely pouring down?! I think not.

But this morning still would have been BRIGHT without the sun. The feel of the tribe even before the bounce was vibrant and energized. Maybe it was the sun. Maybe it was the newbies. Maybe it was because some vets came out of hibernation. Maybe it was the #FedHillSunrise. All I know, whatever it was, it was way too excellent.

So let’s keep it short and sweet so we can get out there and enjoy this weather. You kicked ass this morning for one of our hardest workouts. And you did it side-by-side, smile-by-smile. We love you. We appreciate you. Now go take your bright sunshine and spread it to the rest of Baltimore.



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