For the Great One-Eight (IND)

Indy Notes:

  1. For all you #weatherspoof cities (LAX, SD, MIA, SF, etc.) today was one of those days that those of us who have winter, feel sorry for you. You have to experience the harsh of winter to really appreciate a morning like this…and we did.  Mother Nature had her shit TIGHT this morning.  65F with a small sprinkle just to cool it down.  Spring is getting ready to settle in and we are not mad about it.
  2. Indy will always love #18. Peyton Manning put the Colts on the map and has done so much for this city.  Only fitting we dedicate today’s workout to him on the week he decided to hang up his cleats and his XXXL helmet.
  3. First time we have had some newbies in a while (we have the weather to thank for that), BIG UPS to all of you for crushing this workout. Thanks for showing up and keep on coming…it only gets better from here.  We’ve got a hug and an ass slap awaiting you every Wednesday morning, so don’t leave us hangin!
  4. To the entire #NP_IND tribe – I checked for the definition of “bad-fucking-assery” and your picture was there. Also, it ends in a “y” so it must be an adverb?
  5. After being a co-leader for almost 5 months I finally have my own log in for the blog. Looks like I can’t troll other tribes posts as Bobbie any longer.  Consider yourself lucky Virginia Beach!


(5:28 group picking out holes in the defense)

The Workout:

The magic number of reps was 18 (obvi), as the tribe started off the circuit with Bronco Kicks (also known as Donkey Kicks), before taking off up the north stairs, touching the gold door and heading to the east side where we did suicides.  After two up-and-backs, it was down the south stairs where triceps dips awaited at the bottom.  I dip, you dip, we dip and up the stairs we go where we make our way along with west side of the memorial with a Colts Crawl (aka Bear Crawl) until we reach the north stairs, head down to the street and start the circuit over again until the clock ran out.  After it was all said and done, we had a little two minute drill of our own to end the workout.  Quick feet with a burpee every time the whistle was blown.  OMAHA!!

Dise was these month’s race day winner.  He dominated on what was the worst weather day of NP since I have been a part of it.  Torrential rain, gusting winds, below freezing temps, Fireball shots at 2am the night before the workout…nothing stops him.  You’re like the Postal Service – well done man!!


Next week is St. Patty’s Day!! So, wear green and #justshowup to preemptively burn off all the green beer, Irish Car Bombs, and corned beef you will be consuming starting Thursday.  You can also blame your vomiting on something other than the fact you can’t handle 12 Jameson shots like you used to.

Papa Johns wishes and Budweiser dreams,

  • Shaw
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