Thank You (BOS)

This is a love letter from me, Emily Saul–co-leader of NP_BOS, to the entire community of NP in my favorite city anywhere, Boston.

Thank you doesn’t begin to say enough of what’s in my heart for the generosity, the thoughtfulness, the love and support shared by all of you to me. But Thank You, Boston, my lovely NP community for showering me with Rice Crispies…AND with so much love as a gift for my wedding in August. It’s taken me until now to be able to put into any words how I feel.

There was a collection gathered by members of NP to contribute to a honeymoon fund for my now-husband, Sean and me, and this incredibly generous gift will absolutely allow us to take the honeymoon that we envision. While that will mean I won’t be able to be at NP Boston workouts for that trip (dates yet to be determined), it will also mean that I’ll be thinking of how many people in this incredible community care about me (and us) and how deeply grateful I am for that. I don’t know the names of each one of you who contributed to be able to say “thank you” personally, but please know that I mean that. And even if you didn’t contribute dollars, I’m still incredibly grateful that you are here, and contribute by being a part of this community with me.

Sometimes people ask me why I keep “doing this.” I continue to answer the same way: I keep leading NP Boston because I get back from this community way more than I give. But I never, ever expected to receive a gift like this from all of you. When I started co-leading Boston, I knew it would mean a whole lot of early mornings, lots of other hours of effort behind the scenes, so much social media, and reminding myself that I’m #weatherproof. I also knew it was a volunteer gig–there would never be a paycheck, and I was actually relieved about that. It’s too easy to get tired or bored with things but continue to do them because we “have to” or because we feel obligated because of the money we earn doing it. But there is NO way I could keep doing this if I didn’t deeply and genuinely love it. If I didn’t feel rewarded by the people I get to meet, by the smiles, laughs, hugs, and joys of progress I see people make. If I didn’t feel the intangible “paycheck” of gratitude each and every time someone simply says, “thank you” or explains how NP has changed something in them, made their day/week/life better, or given them something they weren’t expecting. THAT is why I keep doing this. Because of you. Each and every one of you contributes to my feeling of value, and love for NP, and my gratitude for getting to be in this role for NP Boston.

Actually getting a gift–such a huge and amazing, wonderful, unnecessary wedding gift…well that just blew my mind.

So thank you, Boston. Thank you, friends. Thank you members of NP who love NP, and who have been so kind as to love me. My heart is so darn full, it’s basically just smiling out light and I wish I could hug all of you. I guess just show up to a workout, and I will (as long as you want a hug.)

And speaking of showing up and THANK YOUs…let’s give a big thank you to #fakebojan himself, Matt Ware and the ever-amazing, Diana Hunt for their guest NP leadership today. They bounced from on top of the wall, made you all run hills, and crushed the leadership game. While Capozzi and I weren’t there today, they made it all fun and awesome. And I heard they gave EVERYONE a new #PRdot and Diana took personalized yearbook photos, right? Riiiiiiight. Thanks again, friends. And let’s all remember the bigger point of all of this, that this community–this bigger collective of i n c r e d i b l e human beings is strong. So very strong.

monday workout

Oct 14 at 6:29am…JUST SHOW UP to the ROOF of TUFTS LIBRARY! That’s right! A freaking ROOFTOP with a view of the city! You just gotta be there. Make it happen people! See you there. HERE, actually.

another reminder about the NP BOS volunteer thing!

There’s a FB event going up…look for it on November Project Boston Facebook page… and just get ready to show up to Landry’s bike shop on Comm Ave. in Brighton on Oct 16th at 6pm for an info session about a sweet, fun, volunteer opportunity with NP_BOS + Playworks.

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