Ten date ideas for Valentine’s Day [MTL]

It’s never too late to plan your Valentine’s Day date with your life partner. Sure, you could have pulled out all stops and make dinner reservations at an expensive restaurant in romantic Montréal, followed by a night of drinks at a downtown bar where a cocktail costs more than your rent. Or, you could think outside the box and plan an NP themed Valentine’s Day workout – something that won’t set you back a few hundred dollars and actually be loads of fun!

Today’s workout was built in a way to teach you 10 basic workout ideas for Valentine’s Day. Please try them all at home with your own partners on date night. So, it went something like this:

# Pushyourpartneraround – Core workout: Try to destabilize your partner by pushing and pulling on all the right places. Will he/she topple over? Always fun…and guarantees a laugh or at least a few smiles.

#LateralBurpees – aka Nadine’s favourite: Crank up your favourite tunes and have an epic lateral burpee battle. Just don’t trip over yourselves.

#Planks: While your partner is jumping over you (ie. Lateral Burpee), hold a plank. Remember to take a selfie.

#LegThrows: Leg throws are charming and fun. There is no better way to make your partner suffer while you take a well-deserved break. Remember to keep a smile of your face 🙂 so your partner knows YOU care.

#Squat: We’ve been squatting since we were babies – it’s probably the most natural position we can pick. So, it’s only normal we have a squat on Valentine’s day. Make sure to make them properly though…’cause no one wants to look silly in front of their partner.

#AbFootCircles or aka #theferriswheel: A crowd favourite. At least 2 minutes of this with your partner will allow you to really bond and share a moment. Try it again… you’ll see!

#PartnerSidePlanks + High/Low fives: Always fun. Become tourists and explore a new side to your partner. High/low fives keep them motivated and team spirit on a high.

#PJCSprints: This is to feed your competitive and romantic sides. Step outside and visit Old Montreal + sprint up Place Jacques-Cartier. See who runs faster. But remember, in true NP fashion…you must start with your chest to the ground.

#<3shapedchocolates: Last but not least, chocolate… it is always a great way to win your partner’s heart. Snuggle on the couch, pull out your cellphone with your pictures of the Valentine’s Day workout and take a trip down memory lane while munching of those marvellous chocolates. Works every time.

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