20 Seconds (Turned) On – Partners Tabata (ATL)

Our original Valentine’s Day Partner Workout was obviously too easy for Christian – a classic speed dating circuit, where partners would switch off every certain number of times. You’d only get about 30 seconds to 1 minute before finding a new partner. You’d switch exercises, so your muscles wouldn’t fatigue.

But no.. Christian wanted to do a Tabata workout. If you’ve never heard of Tabata, it’s a HIIT (high intensity interval workout) where you do 8, yes 8, rounds of the SAME exercise. 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest.

The workout went down like this:

We had 6 exercises planned, but time ran short, so we only got through 5 rounds. We had a photo shoot to do after all at the end, so going over was not an option! (see part 2.)

We made everyone partner with someone they didn’t know that well each time, and during each exercise we gave a topic of conversation. You kept the same partner for each exercise, so everyone ended up 5 partners and hopefully learned 5 new things about 5 different people. After one full cycle, 8 rounds, of the exercise, everyone jogged to the end of the field and back for “recovery.”

Exercise 1 – Bojans 

Topic of conversation – Worst First Date

Exercise 2 – Salsa Lunges 

Topic of Conversation – Favorite Rom Com (or any genre) Movie

Exercise 3 – Shoulder Tap Push Ups

Topic of Conversation – Dream Honeymoon Destination, or Favorite Vacation Spot

Exercise 4 – Partner 1 holds out hands in a squat, Partner 2 does high knees hitting the hands

Topic of Conversation – What is Your Spirit Animal?

Exercise 5 – High Five Sit Ups

Topic of Conversation – What is Your Dream Job?

At the end of the workout, an anonymous NP ATL tribe member brought roses for everyone. We announced our NP ATL couples – Danielle and Steven, Sandra and Michael,  Gabi and Tim, and (while half was not here) Niahm and Joe. For our singles, we offered to take “model pics” that they can use for dating profiles. We did have a few takers!

On this day, we remind everyone, all you need is LOVE! (Especially the lady who came down from her apartment building and yelled at us about being loud and cheering by saying “Who is running this show?!” It’s a workout lady. Chill.)

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