Roll the dice, lucky (funny) Valentine.

Good morning, Brooklyn 😬

I love you.
You love me.
We’re an NP Family.
With a big group hug.
And a hi-five from me to you,
Won’t you say you love me, too?!

Today’s workout went a little something like this…

#SpreadLove aka The Newbies: Alex, Eden (met the NP_NYC tribe snowtubing on Saturday), and Eliza from last week who missed the newb intro.

#Bouce aka The Weird: (please grab your nearest stuffed animal and read the picture caption above to the tune of “I Love You,” from the TV show with everyone’s favorite purple dinosaur—Barney.

Roll the dice.

The Workout: (30 mins on the clock)


Part one: we split the tribe in two to take on a classic card workout. 4 suits (hearts, clubs, diamonds, AND spades) = 4 moves (crunches, push-ups, jumping jacks, etc): the number of the card decides your fate on the number of reps. Once you finish the reps for the card, you then ran to the ‘lonely island’ platform at the bottom of the stairs…

Part two: once you arrive at the platform, Sierra ‘Snake Eyes’ Missed would roll Jeanie’s large, foam dice: odd number = run the stairs / even number = the # of burpees to perform. Once you completed stairs / burpees, you would head over to the other card location to pick a new card.



Birthdays – NONE (the worst)

Traverbals – NONE (no one loves us)

Crown – Rob still reigns.

The Positivity Award – tossed off to Shravas aka #SilentButFriendly today: he may be quiet, but he has been helping us build community since our pledge days—and was part of NP_Amsterdam while they were pledging! Work will take him out to West LA later this year for a couple of months…we know he spreads the love and luck to bring pledges good fortune!

All in all, today was a good day…


…don’t forget to keep rolling the dice—GO FOR IT.


@sierra_missed & #BodiesByJeanie





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