Roll the dice, lucky (funny) Valentine.

Good morning, Brooklyn 😬

I love you.
You love me.
We’re an NP Family.
With a big group hug.
And a hi-five from me to you,
Won’t you say you love me, too?!

Today’s workout went a little something like this…

#SpreadLove aka The Newbies: Alex, Eden (met the NP_NYC tribe snowtubing on Saturday), and Eliza from last week who missed the newb intro.

#Bouce aka The Weird: (please grab your nearest stuffed animal and read the picture caption above to the tune of “I Love You,” from the TV show with everyone’s favorite purple dinosaur—Barney. read more

WIGGIN’ OUT | Behind The Run

We’ll start by saying, ‘Thank you,’  to all the runners who showed up, donated, volunteered and supported this event that was created on a bar napkin at the ugly duckling after way too many beers.

We’re sure everyone knows someone who has been affected by cancer.  It’s a terrible disease, and we wanted to find a way to bring some cheer on the 2018 weekend of World Cancer Day.  For some people, it’s a challenge running in 19 degree weather with tail winds whipping in your face. We had 42 people run, while wearing wigs, outside in that crazy weather. read more

Those sneaky, sneaky PR Days will getcha!

ALRIGHT, Alright, alright! Afternoon Humans, bots, and stray cats!

DAY 3 with a #latergram post from Brooklyn, NY – seems like the best time to do a test trial of this whole blog situation…


Today is the third Wednesday of the month and we are officially proclaiming them to be our PR Day, EVERMORE! What is PR Day? Let me explain: read more