Taking It To Another Level (2016 DC)

Here we go.

We’re at it again. This past calendar was the year of Wild Love, wild races, & new faces. We went from new kids on the block, to seasoned vets. Monday, Wednesday, Friday isn’t a novelty anymore, it’s a way of life. As we look forward to 2016 the questions surrounding us are pretty simple, “what’s on tap for the year,” & “how do we keep NP DC the coolest thing since Bo Jackson?”

2016 is a time when we set our sights on new heights (we get 366 days, so that can’t be too hard). Let’s put our heads together & throw down some big goals:

  • Michelle Obama COMES to her seat in the middle of the group photo.
  • We crack 1,000 members on a single Wednesday.
  • We turn up for Endurance Challenge DC.
  • We take a boutique fitness model & start charging $35 a workout. Lol, jk, ROFL, we’ll still do this shit for free.
  • We continue build new friendships around healthy lifestyles.

How do we get to accomplish these feats? 1,000 is a lot of people. Michelle Obama isn’t coming because of one post on Instagram. We need YOU ALL to be the cheerleaders for what we’re doing, the community we’re all creating. And by that, this movement becomes infectious.

One thing I firmly believe is the more people in the race, the more exciting and competitive the race is. Those days when 500 people show up to Lincoln, there’s a buzz in the air, you run a little faster, you spot someone you want to take out on a date, it is wacky fun. Keep pushing to bring new people out, keep being annoying on social, let’s take DC to the moon and back.

Love is always,


FRIDAY: 19th and East Capitol (RFK)

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