Fancy Parking at Harvard

Dear Boston NP friends who drive cars to Harvard Stadium,

You’ve heard the news: Harvard parking department has cracked down on non-paid and illegal parking at the stadium and we are responding by saying, “Gotcha!” and “we’re on it!”

We are considering our options carefully:

  1. we can stop coming to the stadium.  (but this isn’t really an option because that’s silly and unnecessary.  Don’t pick #1)
  2. we can stop driving to the stadium.  (which is a good idea if you can run, bike, walk, or take public transportation.)
  3. we can park elsewhere! (there is plenty of free parking in Allston along the streets — any metered spots are free before 8am. And there are crews of people who are using parking lots at the parks very nearby and doing a healthy .5 mile run to the stadium as a warm up. Join these people!)
  4. we can continue driving and BOTH park in legal, marked spots (good idea!) AND pay for the time you park.  (Using the handy — or not so handy — posts that accept your payment of cash or credit card, as long as they’re working correctly.)
  5. we can carpool and reduce the number of vehicles actually entering into Harvard. (Hell, meet at a spot and park many cars for free, then load everyone into one car that is permitted, per #4)

if you think option 4 is best for you–we have a way to make paying for parking much easier, simpler, fancier, and more fun!

We can now purchase monthly parking passes for $10 that are valid for 4-8am on Wednesdays only.  Special November Project permits.  If you want one for January, (and for each following month) read on.  BOOM!


Welcome November Project  tribe members! The University’s Online Parking Permits Purchase System allows you to instantly purchase and print parking permits from your computer. If you plan to park on campus, we strongly recommend you use this system to secure your parking pass prior to arrival.

To secure parking, please follow these steps prior to your arrival at the parking facility. Please note: Permits will not be available for purchase at the parking facility:

permit screen shot

    • An email notification will be sent to you once the account is created; you cannot use the site until you receive notification and click on the link to confirm its validity.
  • Select a Parking Facility:
    • November Project – Athletics Gordon Valid Wednesdays Only 4AM-8AM*
    • *Please note: A single permit purchase is all that is needed as it be valid for the month for Wednesdays only (as stated on permit). For example, one permit purchased for the month of February will be valid the entire month of February. Permits for the upcoming months will be available for purchase prior to the first week of the upcoming month.
  • Select Affiliation:
    • From the options, choose “November Project”
  • Select a Permit Date:
    • Permits are now available for purchase for the month of January. Select the first Wed of the month from the drop down menu.
  • Enter your license plate number
  • Pay for the parking dashboard permit using CyberSource, a secure financial credit card payment system.
    • Please note: CyberSource is set up to not save credit card or personal information.
  • Make sure to print out the parking dashboard permit by clicking either .PDF or .PNG:
    • If you forget to print out the permit, please log back into the site, click on “My Account” then “Account History”; this will allow you to print out the permit from the day of purchase.
  • Display the parking dashboard permit on your vehicle dashboard when parked in lot.


FROM #EmC2: Thank you all for being kind and positive human beings who get some pretty kickass fitness for FREE each week at Harvard.  We like our friends there and we will keep being good friends to them.  See you at Section 37!

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